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Digital Marketing

The digital frontier is here.

When we talk about “digital marketing”,

we’re referencing everything that’s possible on the digital frontier, the internet, “online”, inside the matrix, or our personal favorite, “the Google”.

It can be overwhelming to think about all the possibilities. Luckily, we’ve experimented with pretty much everything, and we’ve narrowed down the stable tools to a small handful. Of course, we have to continue experimenting and keep an eye on emerging technologies, but you don’t have to worry about that part. We do. Let’s say, for example, that your product is a unique solution for storing Jeep doors. From our cache of stable, proven weapons, there are a few that are commonly used. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is used to connect with people who are actively looking for information related to problems that you have solutions to.

Google Ads.

  • Through Google Ads, we can reach people who are “in-market” for a new pool or have a general pool interest to build awareness with display and/or video ads across millions of websites in Google’s display and video networks.
  • Then, we can target people who are looking at topics related to pool accessories with more (or the same) display and video ads.
  • We can use search text ads, shopping ads, display ads, and video ads to connect with people who happen to be looking for a inground pool or for our specific product and company specifically.
  • Finally, we can use display ads to remarket to people who visit our website. If your product or service is one that people think about or compare prices on before making a decision, it’s especially useful to have a continued presence in front of those people.

Facebook Ads.

A digital marketing tool that we commonly use for awareness is the Facebook Ads platform.
  • Facebook doesn’t have nearly the targeting power that it used to (after getting themselves in hot water), but it’s still a great tool for connecting with people based on general interests, geographic location, connection with your page (your fans).
  • Since Facebook owns Instagram, it’s easy to include Instagram in your ad placements.
  • Video ads and shopping ads have proven particularly useful on this platform, and we’ve found it best to use Facebook Ads like TV, run to a broad audience to build awareness.
Through Google Ads and Facebook Ads, we can cover nearly the entire marketing funnel. However, there are several pieces needed to pull off the above campaigns.
  • Killer Website Design & Intentional Landing Pages – when people click on your ad, we have to have a place to send them, and that place has to provide the right experience for the applicable funnel level that the visitor is in.
  • Having that killer website requires that your brand, content, product photos, how-to videos, and tracking tools all be setup in order to provide trust and a path of least resistance for the user.
  • This entire experience needs to be built out before pushing paid traffic into the funnel. You clean your house before throwing a party, right?


In a perfect world, people who are looking for solutions like yours would find your site at the top of the search results list. Ranking well requires several ingredients, the most important of which is time. In our experience, it’s best to treat SEO as a long-term investment strategy. It requires consistent input, and the output will be cumulative over time. In contrast, SEM is a short-term strategy that produces immediate results.
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