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Audio & Video Production

Let's make it go viral.

Because Video works. Period!

You know that you should be using video, and you want to use video, but you may not be clear on how to use it or where to start. Your marketing strategy could utilize dozens of videos at different levels of the funnel, each with a different purpose.

The possibilities of applying video to your marketing strategy are endless, but we find video most effective when it’s used to educate and attract new leads or to ease existing marketing flows.

Attracting and educating new leads with video.

A video can help your potential customers identify their problem and persuade them to utilize your product or service as a solution to that problem. These videos are commonly utilized in paid campaigns as “commercials” but are also growing in popularity as a tool used with blogs and podcasts.

Easing existing flows.

Every business has time-eaters. It could be a safety briefing for staff, an orientation for new customers, answering the same questions over and over. Capturing these items with video allows you to free up your time to focus on growing, rather than maintaining. These videos are typically used in marketing automation flows and on your website.

To Infinity and beyond...

When you think of video production, you might think of a massive set with makeup trailers, hundreds of production staff, and a fancy director’s chair. Yeah, that's not us... Most of our video productions involve 1-3 production staff on-site and we work around the available space. We can certainly go big when needed, but that usually means spending more time in post-production with special effects, not calling in an extra flight crew.

Where to start.

Reviewing your marketing strategy will help uncover areas that need video help, but we can help make a video for virtually anything you’re thinking of using one for. Tell us about your project, and our team will then develop an estimate of the time and resources required to film and edit your video.

A few types of videos we’ve produced.

  • Digital commercials
  • Safety and training videos
  • Live Streaming Events
  • Music videos
  • Unboxing videos
  • Product showcase videos
  • Software app walkthrough videos