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Our staff consists of graphic designers, web builders, photographers, videographers, social media gurus, marketing strategists, and oh; we love dogs.

What keeps us getting out of bed every day is the cool fun stuff we get to create, design, build, and deploy. Our mission is to create concerted marketing programs that stand out and get you business.

I am proud of the team we have assembled here at Flight Creative Group. Each crew member who works here brings with them their own special ability, skill set, positive attitude and desire to do the best possible job for our clients.

Having been in this industry for close to 30 years, I am fortunate and grateful for the dedication of my crew. Especially my new business partner Matt, who has given his all for over 16-years. As well as Patty, who has tiresly managed the office for the past 12-years. We look forward to the continued growth and success with the help of our entire team.

Juergen A. Klingenberg

CEO | Managing Partner | the Visionary

Leadership Team

Juergen Klingenberg*

The Visionary + Creative Lead

Matt Cummings*

Senior Design + Production Lead

Abbie Foster White

Director of Communications

Patty Fenoff

Office Manager | Accounting

Design and Production Team

Francis Crandall

SEO | Tech and Analytics

Nancy Utter

Wed Development and Design

Jenna Tucker

Social Media Manager

Tori Ranken

Graphic Design | Media Production

Zali Laufer

Director of Social Media, Content and Copywriting

Photo / Video Production Team

Joe Reynolds

Photo / Video Manager, Videographer / Photographer + Editor

Andrew J Casquejo

Videographer / Photographer

Jakab Erdély

Video Editor and Production Design

Tyler Klingenberg

Videographer, Video Creative Director + Senior Editor

Brendan Mulson

Videographer, Creative Director + Editor
*Agency Managing Partner