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Graphic Design

There has to be a beginning.

What's your role?

The story of your business may have begun long before a graphic ever enters the scene, but graphics are the genesis of advertising. Your logo and brand guide provide structure for every single piece of media created for your brand—from colors to fonts to spacing and even messaging guidelines. This not only provides consistency, but it paints a clear picture of who you are—what you do—and whom you serve.

Graphics have a role in TV ads, business cards, signage, product packaging, website, social art, letterhead, and a million more areas.

The face of your business.

How important is your face? Pretty darn. Your graphics are the “face” of your company, from business cards to company shirts, but unlike your real face, you get to choose what they look like.

The graphics that you choose are what helps the public get to know you. Each element helps convey not only what you do, but who you are as a business. Are you a modern interior design company? Then white space and sans serif fonts may be the way to go. Are you a quirky coffee shop? Then bold colors and patterns might be your brew.


You want people to recognize your business like they recognize you, even if they don’t see your logo or company name front and center. That means that consistency is key. It’s important for every graphic asset that your company sends out into the world to convey the same look and feel (and match your brand) so that whenever people see your billboard, your print ad, your Google Ad or your website, they remember you. Ultimately, you want your business to become a familiar friend, and you can achieve that through consistent graphic design.

In what areas is graphic design needed?

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Guide
  • Print Ads
  • Web Banner Ads
  • Brochures, Booklets, Promotional Collateral and Products
  • Outdoor Billboards
  • Signs
  • Business Card and Letterhead Design
  • Swag (t-shirts and stuff)
  • Graphics for Video and Website
  • Just about anything else