Flight Creative Group is a marketing and advertising firm headquartered in beautiful Saratoga Springs, NY with over 25 Years of business experience, serving clients from Maine to California and Seatle to Miami!

"What we Do?"

Our approach to “what we do” may be a little different than what you would expect of an firm our size. We recruit and cultivate multi-talented individuals to the crew (our team), so each person is capable of several disciplines. This allows us to accomplish the vast majority of the services we offer with in-house talent, and that means more options for the client and more flexibility when it comes to deployment. The work we do for clients is based entirely on time, not on the number of services we provide.

We do what’s needed when it’s needed and pivot on the fly. Since we’re both creatives and strategists, there’s a strategic context, a reason for every piece of creative, just as there’s a creative approach to every strategy. With this multi-dimensional crew at our disposal, we can do amazing things.

Can you
do that?

Of course.

That's our CAN DO attitude...

Digital Marketing

Most of your customers are online anyhow. Hit them where it counts.
Flight is a dynamic, versatile and full-service digital marketing agency that doesn’t rely on smoke and mirrors to keep its clients. Instead, We trust our own SEO and marketing team's skill to drive new customers to your website.

Web Services

From custom websites to a killer search presence. We got you!
Your website is the focal point of your marketing. In today's digital age every post, every ad, every piece of content leads back to your website where you can tell your story, capture leads, and retarget potential prospects. Combined with google analytics, your website becomes a powerful marketing engine for who you are, what you do, and who you want to work with.

Creative Services

Stand out from the crowd.
Graphic design is the one of the cornerstones to having a great brand. Eye catching logos, brand cohesion, print media that stands out are all paramount to looking professional as well as interesting to potential prospects.

Marketing Strategy

This is how you do it.
Are you worried you are spending money on marketing in the wrong places? Wondering if facebook, twitter, or email campaigns will work for your business? It’s what we do.

Media Management

Put her there. And there, and there. But not there.
Effective media and advertisement plans don’t happen by accident. The best media plans come from employing a disciplined approach to the entire media placement process. We refer to that process as Media Management.

This is how we do it.

Flight is a dynamic, versatile and full-service digital marketing agency that doesn’t rely on smoke and mirrors to keep its clients. Instead, We trust our own SEO and marketing team's skill to drive new customers to your website.

We combine the many tools and strategies from both traditional and digital marketing — for both local and global brands. Our band of misfits can create everything from high-quality TV commercials to digital lead-generation strategies. We serve a diverse clientele and play a different role in each of their business strategies. We’re something different for every brand we work with, but all have access to the wealth of skills and services offered through our team.

Marketing is more than just digital. We look at everything, from target research to the customer experience, and help you develop, deploy, and maintain a strategy that’s focused on your bottom line. We ask a lot of questions. We experiment. We value efficiency. We understand the importance of your brand, your customers and your dollar. We understand that you want the best strategy, best quality and to get it at a great value. We understand that your time is precious.

For An honest approach

We provide our clients honest, fair and cost effective options for all their design and production needs.

We don't fluff our work. If we say we can do it, you can expect to receive exactly the work you envisioned. Our management team has been together, providing quality, cost effective designs for over 20 years. We have a full crew of in-house, full time professionals who come to work each day with a simple goal; to launch another cool design or project for you!

We Want to hear
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